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Film News

The 6th year students have completed their project for the ‘Pumped’ film competition, for the heart foundation. Students worked hard on an anti-smoking film, where a giant cigarette villain is trying to recruit new members around the school, while the superhero is stopping him in his tracks. The script writing, directing, casting, acting, filming and editing was all done by the students. The teacher simply unlocked and locked doors and supervised filming. Best of luck in the comp fellas. It is top notch! 



The Multimedia club’s second film this year is a stop motion animation. This takes time and patience and Darryl has shown plenty of this, while working with Mr Ryan. The work on characters and backgrounds and storyboards and titles continues. This is also going to win big in a film making competition.

Our previous work 'The New Kid' won best special effects at the JCSP film awards last year.


Plunket Radio

The official launch of Plunket College Radio took place in October 2014. The two B’s are the official DJ’s, taking to the airwaves each Thursday, playing requests and music on the school intercom system. The station aims at ‘cheering people up’, while announcing important issues and events around the school. With competitions, sports, good news and positive slogans, we aim to please. Like all radio stations we will have a change of DJ’s in the next term.

Christmas Cards on sale for SVP 

We decided to make a change to our Christmas cards this year. Instead of going out to take photos of the Christmas lights like last year, we decided to run a project where we took photos of ‘Reflections’. These tried to include both physical and emotional reflections. As well as putting a selection of these in frames for the whole school to enjoy, Gazzo took one photo and did his usual magic, and produced our official school Christmas card. 


The Multimedia Club started in Plunket College with 10 students and 4 teachers involved. The 3rd year members in Multimedia Club are Karl O’Neill, Curtis Delaney Konrad Laks, Mindaugas Juskevicius and Kyle Staunton. The 2nd year members are Sean Hyland, Stephan Brennan and Aaron Maguire. The 1st years were Darryl Kelly, Aaron Scully and Jonathon Freeman, and Stephen Kerr. The teachers who help us out are Mr Vipond, Ms Carroll, Ms Barrett and Mr Ryan.

The first project Multimedia Club did was to make pic- tures for our Open Day. We took some photos of different locations and people around the school. We then worked on different computer pro- grammes and edited, cropped and cut the posters so that they were appealing to the eye. We put the posters up around the community to let people know about our Open Day. It was a great success.

Our second mission was to make Christmas cards to sell around the school. We made a lot of cards. We first made posters to invite artists to paint or draw some Christmas themed pictures. We then went on our first outing into town to take different photos of the lights. It took us about two weeks to sort the cards out into drawing cards and photography cards. We also worked our magic to have Santa appear in some of our cards. We set up a table at the front door and sold just about every card we had. Once again this was a great success. We were lucky enough to make so much to allow us put a deposit on our new jackets.

We then decided that our next project would be a film. Ms Barrett got in contact with Vinny Murphy the director of the film ‘Accelerator’ to come in and help us out in making our film. When Vinny came in he got us to decide on a plot. We did this in about twenty minutes. We all gave each other parts in the film. We started to make our movie. The main character was Sean Hyland who plays a little boy who gets called names because of his height. He gets fed up with this and decides to grow tall. He looks up different ways of making this happen. The first is to eat food he hates, ‘Green Giant’. He tries loads of ways until he real- ises he just has to change his attitude. This works out and he gets taller everyday and he is chuffed with this. He starts walking around his school happy and the bullies leave him alone.

We all had fun making this film. Thanks to Vinny for helping us out and Ms Barrett for getting Vinny in to help us.

Our 4th mission was to take pictures of Spring Flowers outside our school. We went around the school grounds on a Wednesday afternoon. We stayed out for at least 1 hour and took amazing pictures of amazing flowers. Ms Kehily came up with the idea and so our mission began. We found some great pictures around the school building. We then printed the pictures, put them in frames, and found a spot, with the help of Ms Kehily, to hang them for all to see. We also decided to put a note explaining to everyone why it is so important to appreciate and respect our school grounds.

Our 5th mission was to take pictures of the 6th years for the graduation. We went out at 11 am and got all the 6th years outside the main door of the school and took a picture of them. Then we brought them to the court yard and took more pictures of them with a hedge in the background. The 6th years and the Multimedia Club had fun taking these pictures. We printed them off and presented them to the 6th years, with a frame with their messages for each other included.

We had a successful year all round. As well as getting our great club jackets we also won the Anti- bullying poster prize. We hope this is the first of many more achievements. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Thanks to Ms Barrett, Mr Vipond, Ms Carroll and Mr Ryan for getting the Multimedia Club together. Multimedia Club


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Repeating may seem like the end of the world but the dedicated and hard-working teachers and staff at Plunket College make repeating less stressful.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

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