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Leaving Certificate

Congratulations to Sarah Gerrard who got 520 points in her Leaving Certificate 2018

The Leaving Certificate programme offered in Plunket College has always appealed to a wide range of students, whether they aspire to places in Post Leaving Certficate programmes, Third Level Colleges, apprenticeships or other employment.

Students follow a programme from the following list of subjects:

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • Art 
  • Business 
  • Construction Studies
  • French 
  • Biology
  • History 
  • Geography

Students are also timetabled for non-examination subjects such as Guidance and Physical Education.  Students may also be entered for QQI Modules.  

Plunket students participate in the Skills@work programme with Veolia Ireland.  Check out the website they produced here to learn more about it. 

Enrolment Procedure

Applications for places in Leaving Certificate will be accepted from February of the previous academic year. All applicants will be interviewed to determine suitability and are required to submit a detailed reference. 

Procedures regarding the admission / enrolment of students to our different courses / programmes are outlined in greater detail in the college’s Admissions Policy.

Mature Students

The college provides a senior cycle two year Leaving Certificate programme for mature students/adults returning to the classroom after some time away from school.




Advanced driver assistance system demonstration

Mobileye | technician | Plunket College | Motor Technology | Vehicle Maintenance | Advanced Driver Assistance System | (ADAS) | Mechanics | PLC

Senator David Norris pops by for a visit to Plunket College

Senator | David Norris | visit | Plunket College |


Repeating may seem like the end of the world but the dedicated and hard-working teachers and staff at Plunket College make repeating less stressful.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

Denise, Repeat Leaving Certificate

"I never thought that I would go to university because of Leaving Cert points, never mind have the opportunity to study in an area (Psychology) where it is so difficult to get a place.  I owe how well I did in university in no small part to the year I spent on the Counselling & Psychology course in Plunket College; it was indispensable in getting me where I am now, a second year Psychology student in NUI Maynooth.

David O'Neill, BA in Psychology student, NUI Maynooth

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