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Students and the local community

Young Social Innovators

Young social innovators is a programme to inspire people to make a project out of their own ideas regarding important issues, to either make a change or to ask society to make a change regarding prejudice and other issues.
Our 5th year Young Social Innovators project was called “We Are Fun Lads Not Scumbags”. We had decided for our project that our aim was to try and change society’s perception of how our generation is seen and how the relationship between the older generation and the younger generation is viewed.
We had finished our 4-5 week work with the older people. We really enjoyed getting to know them and learning new skills from them and teaching them what we knew. We had a strong bond with them we really liked it. It went well.
After all that we had our ‘Speak Out’, to do. For our speak out we had two minutes to show the judges and the other schools what our aim was and what we did to show others what we wanted to do.
We have received good news that we didn’t think we would get. We got a spot, out of 400,  6L places were available. We are really proud of this and we would like to wish the other schools good luck.

Partnership with Veolia Energy will give students an insight into the world of work.

The School Business Partnership between Plunket College and Veolia Energy was launched last October in Veolia's head office in DCU Innovation Campus.  
The 5th and 6th year students taking part in this Skills@Work Programme were shown around the offices and met engineers who explained about the different projects Veolia were working on.  Employees from different areas of the company (a technician working in Paypal and e-Bay, others from the Payroll, Communications and Marketing departments) worked with students on CV preparation and interview skills.  

Plunket College are looking forward to building on this relationship which helps the students see the opportunities that may be available to them in the future.

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Repeating may seem like the end of the world but the dedicated and hard-working teachers and staff at Plunket College make repeating less stressful.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

Denise, Repeat Leaving Certificate

"I never thought that I would go to university because of Leaving Cert points, never mind have the opportunity to study in an area (Psychology) where it is so difficult to get a place.  I owe how well I did in university in no small part to the year I spent on the Counselling & Psychology course in Plunket College; it was indispensable in getting me where I am now, a second year Psychology student in NUI Maynooth.

David O'Neill, BA in Psychology student, NUI Maynooth

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