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As part of the Government’s Global Ireland programme, Plunket College hosted a visit from Mr Eddie Brannigan a past student and Irish diplomat and UN Corporal Kris O'Connor. 

Mr Brannigan, currently Head of the Embassy of Ireland to Finland outlined the work of Embassy/Consulate and the plans to broaden Irelands Embassy footprint through ‘Global Ireland’.

He also spoke about the importance of the UN, why we are members, and drew on experience with the UN and how the UN touches all our lives.

Mr Brannigan explained the nature of diplomacy, and bilateral and multilateral partnerships as basis for Irelands trade.

Finally, the Ambassador spoke about Irelands Aid programme and explained the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Irish peacekeeper Corporal Kris O'Connor outlined Irelands work over the last 60 years as peacekeepers, the importance of peace-keeping and the challenging work defence forces face overseas.

There was a Presentation of the UN flag and Charter to the College by the Ambassador Mr Brannigan and peacekeeper Corporal O'Connor.



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Repeating may seem like the end of the world but the dedicated and hard-working teachers and staff at Plunket College make repeating less stressful.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

Denise, Repeat Leaving Certificate

"I never thought that I would go to university because of Leaving Cert points, never mind have the opportunity to study in an area (Psychology) where it is so difficult to get a place.  I owe how well I did in university in no small part to the year I spent on the Counselling & Psychology course in Plunket College; it was indispensable in getting me where I am now, a second year Psychology student in NUI Maynooth.

David O'Neill, BA in Psychology student, NUI Maynooth

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