Repeating may seem like the end of the world but the dedicated and hard-working teachers and staff at Plunket College make repeating less stressful.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

Denise, Repeat Leaving Certificate

"I never thought that I would go to university because of Leaving Cert points, never mind have the opportunity to study in an area (Psychology) where it is so difficult to get a place.  I owe how well I did in university in no small part to the year I spent on the Counselling & Psychology course in Plunket College; it was indispensable in getting me where I am now, a second year Psychology student in NUI Maynooth.

David O'Neill, BA in Psychology student, NUI Maynooth


I attended Plunket College 2011 / 2012 having lost my job. I am a forty three year old father of three and didn't know which direction my life would take having worked since I left school in the eighties. The year spent studying Psychology there has turned out to be a pivotal moment in my life. As a result of the wonderful tutors and friendly atmosphere I am now almost half way through my degree in DCU and loving it. This new direction would not have been possible without the encouragement I received in Plunkets as a mature student. I met new friends I will have for the rest of my life and I could not recommend it more highly.'

Charles Daly, Counselling & Psychology student

Charles Daly, B Sc in Psychology, DCU


The TLA course at Plunket College allowed me to experience the classroom after an absence of many years. Learning became exciting, structuring essays in myriads of subjects and learning to independently research whilst maintaining happy and healthy equilibriums of college work and a home life.

Learning included time management, personal development and academic growth. The teaching staff and management of Plunket College in their non-judgmental and compassionate attitude will encourage anyone to value and reach their full educational potential. The advantages to be gained from this course at this college, quite plainly, money cannot buy. I gently learned the skills needed to cope and achieve in my college career. There is an enormous sense of self achievement and promotion of self-esteem to be gained, regardless of anyone’s level of education. I could not recommend this course more. Plunket College was a great preparation and investment in my future.  

Sharon Cullen, Third Level Access course

Sharon Cullen - BA Sociology and Social Policy, Trinity College, Dublin

At NUI Maynooth we see a lot of (mature) students coming from Plunket College where they have completed a TLA/FETAC course.  We find that these students are extremely well prepared for third level study.  They have acquired exactly the type of academic skills that we are looking for at NUI Maynooth from note-taking and meeting deadlines to essay writing and critical analysis skills.  They have also acqired many of the subject specific information having taken a very broad range of subjects in their courses at Plunket College.

NUI Maynooth Mature Student Officer Emer Sheerin

The TLA course in Plunket College has proven an excellent preparation for students hoping to progress to university.  Over the last decade, students have used this course to progress to degrees in Trinity College and we have found they are very well prepared and capable for the transition to higher education.  There is a wealth of experience in the Plunket College team and they work very hard to do their best for the students.

Cliona Hannon, Director of the Trinity Access Programme, TCD

Director of the Trinity Access Programme, TCD

"I came to repeat my Leaving Cert because I had failed maths..You allowed me add French...and I achieved a B2 in the Honours paper...I finished my International Communications Degree in DCU and I have a job with a great starting salary...I believe this journey began with Plunket College.  If not for the support and positive guidance by staff at the time when I needed it most, I would not be in this position now"

Sheree - Repeat Leaving Cert student

Sheree - Degree in International Relations, DCU

I thiI think Plunket College was the best place for me to repeat my Leaving Cert as I was treated like an adult and I feel there’s more time to study and get work done without any pressure. 


Glenn – Repeat Leaving Cert student, 2013

Glenn - Repeat Leaving Certificate

"A year well spent. - - - A chance to stand back and take stock. - - - - I know chemistry and biology better, - - - - I got to know a lot of really, really nice people."

J O'Neill; Repeat Leaving Certificate student

J O'Neill - B Sc in Biotechnology, DCU


As a recent beneficiary of the TLA experience at Plunket's, I can without hesitation say that the experience I gained through the TLA course has helped me immeasurably with my current studies in Dublin City University. It gave me the tools necessary to negotiate what is a difficult journey on the path of seeking self-fulfilment. Without the foundation that the TLA provided it would have been a more difficult hill to climb. University is a continuation of the quest for reaching one's potential in the learning process. The TLA course is a vital building block on that journey. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

TLA student Antóin Ó Lochraigh

Antoin O Lochraigh - BA International Relations, DCU

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